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The Elmdene & Bennett way surgery's

Elmdene Surgery
Tel: 01322 382010
Bennett Way Surgery
Tel: 01474 707662

Due to our recent closure we are running limited services, please allow 72 working hours for prescriptions, please note due to an increase in enquiries our phone lines are extremely busy and may take some time for your call to be answered.

Elmdene Surgery – GP Practice Survey 2018


Results –


Being treated with respect and courtesy                            97.2% patients said Excellent or Good


The physical environment of the surgery                           89% patients said Excellent or Good


Quality of care received from the Doctors                          93% patients said excellent or good


Quality of care received from the Nurses                           83% patients said excellent or good


Service provided by the Receptionist                                 95% patients said Excellent or Good


Getting through on the telephone                                     70% patients said Excellent or Good


Being able to see a doctor when required                          90% patients said Excellent or Good


Quality of information the practice provides                       79% patients said Excellent or Good









Below are some ideas that patients at this practice have put forward as possible improvements.  If offered would you find them useful?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Yes                        No       Don’t Know

Being kept updated with practice news via email                                                                                                                                                                        53                   25                25

Receiving text message reminders of appointments                                                                                                                                                                    75                   21                11

Having health advice on the website about minor ailments                                                                                                                                                          71                   21                19

Having self help groups based at the surgery for pt with health issues                                                                                                                                         66                   13                27

Having more information/advice available about prevention of illnesses and keeping healthy                                                                                                         74                   11                19



If you were unable to obtain an appointment with GP on the day, would you             


Wait till next available appointment                                                    63

Call the next morning for an emergency appointment                         61

Go to Walk in Centre                                                                           28

Go to A&E                                                                                            26

Visit your local Chemist.                                                                       30













Which of the following apply to you?



I have children under the age of 16 in the household                                                                                    25

I have a long term condition, illness or disease                                                                                            40

I am the carer for someone in the household with long term condition, illness or disease                                     7

I or someone else in the household, is registered disabled                                                                             6

I have at least on repeat prescription dealt with by the practice                                                                      55




Please indicate you ethnic origin, are you



White – other white background                                            107

Black or Black British                                                           5

Asian or Asian British                                                           2

Mixed Race


Any other ethnic group

Prefer not to answer                                                           1














What do you feel already particularly good about this practice, and what would you not want to change about this practice



Friendly, always helpful

The friendliest of all staff

Dr Bora is a very nice man with a warm nature.  Reception staff are very helpful too.  The prescription service with ASDA is very convenient also

The efficiency of staff, nurses and Doctors located at this surgery

Dr Bora – Excellent Doctor

The service you receive

It’s small friendly practice and leave it as it is

Nurses and Doctors are good


Great Staff

That you can get appointment very easily and the reception is very welcoming

See above

Please do not change the doctors as they are very good and have been my doctors for a very long time especially Dr Langley and know me well

Doctors, Nurses and Receptionist

Information on practice procedures

The staff

Waiting times are not long

More Doctors so less rushed

The friendly receptionist are very professional and punctual, Dr Bora is excellent,.

Polite and very good Doctors

Dr Bora and Dr Singh really great Doctors with children.

Emergency appointment service

Quality care and customer service

Being a regular visitor I find the practice staff very helpful, polite and friendly with a ‘can do’ attitude

Staff very helpful and empathetic

I find the practice very helpful and friendly by all members of the staff

Very well run, friendly staff and doctors

Near my house

Reception staff provide a good service

Reception/ Advice from the Doctors

Dr Bora is great with my young daughter

The Doctors and Staff

Staff are lovely!

Availability of a pharmacy (Bean patient)

I have been registered since March 1991 and always have had a same day appointment when needed

All aspects of this surgery are lovely and I wouldn’t change anything

Phone line

Always being welcomed with a friendly smile and the willingness to help. Wouldn’t like to loose the personal relationship between Doctors and staff with patients

Always willing to give advice and help

Lovely Receptionists- always can get an appointment

Friendly atmosphere, excellent service

I think it operates just fine

Some good sympathetic Doctors and Nurse


Polite and friendly staff, availability of appointments, blood test facility

Excellent website with useful info

I don’t want any change. I live at Long field and still prefer this practice

Helpful service of the Receptionists, Pleasant and approachable manner of Dr Bora

Useful surgery hours for the working folk

Good turnaround for repeat prescription service

The helpfulness and friendliness of all the staff

A good friendly practice and helpful

The quality of service that is provided

I am more than happy with the service provided by Dr Bora, the nurses and the reception staff.



What improvements or changes would you like the practice to make?


Early morning or weekend surgery

Happy as it is



None, I think it’s very good hear

I have been treated excellently following my recent operation and do not feel you have done any more to help my recovery

Being able to get appointment sooner

Easier to get through on the phone to make appointment etc

It seems ok as it is

More appointments to be available

To be able to see a doctor more quickly and not too have to wait a week

More info about online prescriptions (repeat orders)

Being able to get Doctors appointments sooner

To be able to make next day appointments when all emergency appointments are gone

A practice leaflet with important details

I am satisfied with service I receive

Bigger practice

Information on practice procedures

Longer hours & Saturdays

Booking appointments online

Would like to know position in queue when phoning.  Obesity help needed

More availability

Weekend opening

Can’t think of any

Longer opening times

Later opening hours, better nurse availability and keeping timings of appointments

Able to get appointments on the same day

Sometimes struggle to get appointments

Perhaps a more patient friendly Receptionist when ringing in for an appointment (Bean)

Improvements and changes are the best that can be expected taking into account the cramped conditions and the lack consulting rooms and office space. Staff should be complimented on the results they achieve under very difficult circumstances.

Improvements are difficult given the lack of additional room. The very best is made out of what is available.

More understanding Doctors

Can’t think of any

Like to get through the line a bit quicker

To be able to get appointment sooner than 8 days

A female doctor in addition to the current doctors

Larger premises with more parking.

More appointments

Dr Bora’s nameplate at the Entrance. More professional look for posters and notices in the waiting room.

Keep windows free from homemade information posters except surgery times at the entrance door. Add information to the rolling electronic display

I think the practice works very well as it is

An old proverb – If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it

Good across the board, don’t need to change


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