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The Elmdene & Bennett way surgery's

Elmdene Surgery
Tel: 01322 382010
Bennett Way Surgery
Tel: 01474 707662

Due to our recent closure we are running limited services, please allow 72 working hours for prescriptions, please note due to an increase in enquiries our phone lines are extremely busy and may take some time for your call to be answered.

What To Look For

       Stiffness and pain especially with movement



       Strain due to overexertion



       Wear and tear


Treatment At Home For Muscle Pain

       Massage affected part and keep it warm


       Take painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.


Treatment At Home For Joint Pain

       Rest the sore joint

       Take painkillers as for muscle pain


Strains And Sprains

       RICE - Rest the injured part

       Ice wrapped in a cloth - or a bag of frozen peas - can be used to reduce the swelling. But do not apply for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

       Compress the injury gently with a bandage

       Elevate the injured part


When To See Your Doctor

       If the pain in the joint or muscle does not improve after three days

       If the joint looks deformed

       If there is swelling

       If mobility is badly affected


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