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The Elmdene & Bennett way surgery's

Elmdene Surgery
Tel: 01322 382010
Bennett Way Surgery
Tel: 01474 707662

Due to our recent closure we are running limited services, please allow 72 working hours for prescriptions, please note due to an increase in enquiries our phone lines are extremely busy and may take some time for your call to be answered.

Our Clinics






We run a range of clinics to provide many enhanced services in the Surgery.






For an appointment or further details, please call Elmdene Surgery on 01322 382010.




Minor Surgery

Held by: Doctors
Time: Anytime by prior appointment
We offer Joint injections, soft tissue injections for musculoskeletal problems and also Cryotherapy for skin lesions at both the surgeries. This has received a very positive feedback from our patients and reduced waiting times




Contraceptive Services

Held by: Doctor, Nurse
Time: Anytime by prior appointment


Held by: Phlebotomist
Time: Mondays from 8am At Bean village surgery, Tuesdays from 7:30am at Elmdene, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am at Bennett Way.
We have a regular phlebotomy service for our patients by prior appointment at 2 surgeries. 


Dispensary Service


Bennett Way Surgery.




Anticoagulant/warfarin Clinic

Held by: HCA

Time: By prior appointment with HCA

Our HCA Sharon Burke is in charge of the Anticoagulation clinic. 



Occupational health 

Held by: Doctors
Time: Mondays and Wednesdays
We undertake Occupational health services for many organisations besed in the area. This is also offered to non registered patients. Please contact reception for further details and appointments


Smoking cessation clinic 

Held by: Practice nurse 
Time: Anytime by prior appointment
Stopping smoking will likely be the most powerful thing you will ever do in your life to influence your health. Statistics show that you have a much higher chance of success with the support of a professional so when you're ready, make an appointment with our practice nurses who will guide you through the best evidence-based treatments and keep in touch with you for as long as needed to keep you stopped.



Child Health Surveillance (CHS) 

Held by: Doctors/ Nurse
Time: By prior appointment
Getting our children immunised is essential for their wellness and that of their friends. It can be a difficult decision sometimes but the effects of not being immunised can be devastating to oneself and also to our community. Please speak to any of the doctors or nurses if you have any doubts as to what is best.

For any routine immunisations please make an appointment with our practice nurses.





Joint injections 

Held by: Doctors
Time: Anytime by prior appointment
Both or Doctors are skilled in joint injections and can offer you the evidence based treatment for various Orthopaedic and Rheumatic conditions in the Surgery.



Antenatal Clinic 

Held by: Doctors
Time: By prior appointment

Post natal clinic 
Held by: Doctors/ Nurse
Time: Prior appoinment
In order to make it convinient for new mums we have the Post natal clinic and the Baby 8 week check clinic at the same time followed by the first immunisations. Please contact our Practice Nurses for further details  



Active Lifestyle Advisor


Held by: Practice Nurse & HCA

Time: Anytime by appointment

Please contact reception for appointment with Practice Nurse or Healthcare assistant




 Travel Health


Held by: Nurse

Time: Anytime by Prior appointment 

Practice Nurses are in charge of Travel Health. For any questions and immunisations please call reception to book and appointment with them.



New patient check-up

Held by: Nurse, HCA
Time: Anytime by Prior appointment
New patient health checks are available to any new patient who would like to have one. Please ask for an appointment with the Healthcare assistant or the practice nurse.



Practice nurse Clinic

Held by: Practice Nurses
Time: Anytime by Prior appointment
Our Nurse conducts various clinics for Chronic Medical conditions as well as for dressings etc. Please contact reception for appointment



HCA Clinic

Held by: HCA/ Nurse
Time: Anytime by Prior appointment






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